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  • Грецкий орех в скорлупе , Урожай - 2016г

Грецкий орех в скорлупе , Урожай - 2016г

Грецкий орех в скорлупе , Урожай - 2016г
  • Грецкий орех в скорлупе , Урожай - 2016г
  • Грецкий орех в скорлупе , Урожай - 2016г
В наличии | Оптом и в розницу
30 UAH(1.70 USD)
Опт: 30 UAH(1.70 EUR) от 100 кг
Бренд:Walnut Tree
Страна производитель:Украина

Product name: Natural inshell and without shell walnuts.

Natur BIO products.

Meets #1 DFA internal quality grade.


External color: natural; Internal color: extra light/light/amber.

Harvest: 2016

Total Defect: Not to exceed 5% by weight

Packaging: 50lb or 25kg sacks. Sacks are labeled accordance to customer request .
Storage Conditions and Shelf Life: Shelf life at ambient conditions (70°F) three (3) months. Optimum Storage Conditions of 32-38°F are ideal for shelled walnuts and will significantly improve shelf life.
Safety: All products are produced, stored, and shipped in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practices of the USDA .

Production Capacity:300t/Month
Product Description
Walnut in shell
Size: 28mm, 30mm, 32mm, 34mm,
Spec:moisture 9% max,
Admixture : 1% max,
Imperfect: 7% max.........

Walnut inshell& Walnut Kernels
1/2,1/4,1/8, kernel baked

Spec : moisture 7% max,
Admixture: 0.5% max,
Imperfect: 5% max
Pack : 10kg carton box

Walnut Nutrients ( per 100 g)
Heat:596 kcal
Calcium: 133 mg
Protein: 15-20 g
Total fat: 50-64 g

Walnut is one of the major dried nuts in the world, known as the fruit of longevity
It improves brain and kidney, nourishes lungs, drives blood circulation and digestion, fights against aging and prevents blood fat and diabetes.

1. Good quality walnut
2. Thin shell, full kernel
3. Easy to take kernel out
4. Size: 28mm up, 30mm up, 32mm up, 34mm up
5. Certificate: HACCP, ISO
6. Origin place, competitive price
7. Non-pollution
8. Nutritive, delicious



Бренд: Walnut Tree
Страна производитель: Украина
Информация актуальна: 12.10.2017


Грецкий орех в скорлупе , Урожай - 2016г от компании DDK Trading, Киеве (Украина). Купить Грецкий орех в скорлупе , Урожай - 2016г со склада. Цена, фото, условия доставки. Звоните!